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Mail & Vacation Planning 101!

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Summer is finally here and many of us are making vacation travel plans. Where shall it be? A sunny beach, the majestic mountains or perhaps it’s an exotic location abroad? Wherever you go remember the U. S. Postal Service® is here to make going away a little easier by reminding you to place your mail on hold before you take that much deserved trip. You have two easy options to choose from:


Holding Mail

If you plan to be out of town on business or vacation, you may want to temporarily stop delivery of your mail. To have the Postal Service™ hold your mail up to 30 days,visit, call 1·800·ASK·USPS, or fill out a “Hold Mail” form at the Post Office™. When you return, you can either pick up your mail from the Post Office™ or have it delivered to your home.


Premium Forwarding Service™

Going away for a while? Have all your mail sent to you at your temporary location.

Premium Forwarding Service™ is a domestic service that forwards ALL of your mail from your permanent address to a temporary address.

Your mail will be forwarded to you on a weekly basis for a minimum of two weeks up to one year. You do not miss important mail while you are away—all your mail reaches you.

One flat fee for each weekly Priority Mail® shipment plus an application fee.

If you are a snowbird, college student, executive, individual with an extended family care situation, or away on extended vacation, all are possible candidates for Premium Forwarding Service™.

Never again miss a mail delivery when you’re away from home. It is easy to enroll in Premium Forwarding Service™. Visit or your local Post Office™ to enroll.

This VACAY choose one of these convenient mail services and you can pack “piece of mind” courtesy of the Postal Service™.

Have a safe trip and don’t forget to send a postcard.

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2 Responses to “Mail & Vacation Planning 101!”

  1. les

    thank you

  2. Steve Crespi

    JUst a thought,

    When I was in the service, and I got a letter from someone special back home, I put it in my left front pocket. That way it was over my heart, and when I got lonely, I could touch it, and feel a little bit of home. I don’t think you can feel the same with a text or an E-mail. Their hand touching the paper, and your hand touching it, feeling, I don’t know, something only you can feel. It was a sence of warmth, a vision of a smile a look of love.

    I don’t know if it happens to soldiers now, but I’m willing to guess it does. So why don’t you try it and see. Send him, your husband, boyfriend, son, or her, your wife, girlfriend, or daughter, a letter and ask them. It won’t hurt, and it will probably will make their day.

    Ramblings from an old carrier that like’s to see people smile.

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