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Summertime “Fun Time”

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Ahhh, the summer is finally here. Looking for a low-cost, fun activity to do with your kids while school is out? Consider starting a pen pal relationship with a friend or family member. It will give your child a great way to keep in touch with a loved one who may be far away or a school friend they may not see over the summer.

Here’s how you get started. First, identify a friend or family member who is willing to serve as a pen pal. Then, create a list of topics based on your child’s interests and ask them to select one they’d like to feature in each letter. Allowing your child to pick the subject gives them a heightened sense of independence. Writing letters is also a great way to strengthen your child’s creative writing skills while providing them with an opportunity to learn about the mail system.

Then, watch the excitement in their eyes as they receive their very own piece of mail! These letters will provide a tangible memory that last far longer than a text message or email.

Here are some additional tips to enhance the pen pal experience:

Help your child select and order their favorite stamps online from the Postal Service’s™ Philatelic Catalog (you can request a hardcopy by clicking ‘join’ on; we offer a variety of options from cool Hot Rods to beautiful flowers and beloved characters like Harry Potter.

Identify your mail slot or local blue Postal Service collection box and allow your child to drop their letter into the slot/box.

Want to know how a letter gets from your mail slot/local collection box to its final destination? Check out this video to learn more about the cool trip your letter takes before delivery.

Looking for more activities to do with your kids? Visit the Postal Service’s Community Connection website today for engaging learning opportunities using postage stamps.

Happy writing!

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2 Responses to “Summertime “Fun Time””

  1. Phyl Morello

    I am very unhappy with your decision to HONOR circuses! You are promoting animal cruelty!!! WHY??? Are these circuses paying you money to promote their circuses w/your stamps? We will firmly BOYCOTT your animal abusive stamps. We will tell everyone we know that you PROMOTE CIRCUS ANIMAL ABUSIVE ACTS! Look behind closed doors to see the bullhooks & all tactics to get animals to perform…unnatural acts. Ffor what? GREED!

    • USPS Author

      Thank you for your comment.

      The Postal Service shares your concern about the treatment of animals and has issued stamps for many years promoting animal safety including Adopt A Shelter Pet stamps in 2010. Stamps featuring animals are among our most popular subjects.

      The Vintage Circus stamps are no exception. These stamps have been well received by stamp collectors and circus fans nationwide.

      We issued these stamps to salute the circus and the excitement and joy this popular entertainment brings to men, women and children of all ages.

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