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Our Joyful Package Moment

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It’s Tuesday and my 9-year old daughter anxiously waits for another package sent from her grandparents. Though this is a weekly happening, each time is a new day of excitement. The clock ticks, it hasn’t arrived. Like clockwork, she calls my mother to make sure she sent the package as promised and triple-checks the arrival date.  By this time, full panic mode starts and within moments, there’s a light knock at the door. She BOLTS to the door.— as expected, our mailman drops the box off and my daughter, as if her last breath was near, grabs the box she is dying to open.

Now, this isn’t a holiday or her birthday, nor is the gift a surprise. My daughter always knows exactly what’s in the box and my mom sends slightly raggedy and sloppily taped boxes — no frills whatsoever. The box is always marked with tons of nonrelated items telling me my mom nabbed this box from who knows where. But, that doesn’t mean anything to this usually picky little girl. This time, she could care less.




Finally, the box is open — YES! She now sees another doll, pair of shoes, a latest toy or item of clothing promised by my grandma and pap-pap. Again, the ‘gifts’ are never surprises. In fact, most times she’s asked for it.  A few minutes of screams coupled with repeated up and down jumps and a flip is what follows.  Joy may describe it.

If you’re like me with family hundreds of miles away, this package moment is very familiar.  I can’t even begin to describe the yelling when we arrive home and find an unexpected package on the porch — elation is an understatement. For my daughter, no gift is ever too small. From socks to cookies to pencils, she loves it all in the mail. Now, get us in the store and her ‘joy for simple’ is no more.

I realized packages for many are much more than simply boxes with items. It’s a love caravan for many, a semblance of care and appreciation through the mail. Packages give families a simple way to connect and share special moments. Moments not possible through text messages, Skype or social media postings. A moment enlivened by all the senses that’s only possible through the touch, feel and sight experience with the mail!

What’s your joyful package moment? Feel free to share those special moments you shared with family and friends.

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