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Stronger Together with Postal Customer Councils

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Groucho Marx famously said “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” Surely, he never visited his local Postal Customer Council.

Since their origin as “mail users councils” in 1961, Postal Customer Councils have strengthened the working relationship between the Postal Service and its customers through education and communication.   Local PCCs are all about professional development and support for quality in the mailing industry.  A typical PCC event seats small business shippers and new business-mail permit holders alongside large nonprofit mailers and major mail clearinghouses to learn more about delivering mail effectively and efficiently.

Today, you will find more than 200 PCCs across the country, with 100,000-plus members who are stronger together as mailing partners.  The PCC also provides inside access to the local postal officials, providing a forum to discuss and resolve mailing issues.  PCCs offer best practices for mail operations of all sizes and styles as well as valuable insight for postal managers.

Of course, what is a club – or a PCC — without a special week of its own?

This year, National PCC Week is September 8 and 12, when top postal leaders will tour PCCs around the nation to update local groups on news and trends in the mailing industry.   In addition to a video visit to each PCC meeting that week by the Postmaster General, the Postal Service will also recognize best practices by postal and industry leaders at PCCs around the country.

The 2014 National PCC Week theme is Stronger Together.   Check out this year’s nominees for PCC Leadership Awards.  You will see local mailers are truly stronger, together, as part of your local Postal Customer Council.  We’re saving a seat for you, too!



PCC Industry Member of the Year


PCC Postal Member of the Year


District Manager of the Year


PCC of the Year – Large Market



PCC Innovation of the Year


Communication Excellence


Education Excellence



Are you part of a PCC?   Let’s hear about it!

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